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How should I use Biotopica® anti-bacterial products?


Simply follow the instructions on the label. Apply Biotopica® anti-bacterial products through a trigger pack and allow approximately 5 to 10 minutes for drying.




How should I use Biotopica® anti-bacterial hand sanitiser (and other) products?


Apply Biotopica® anti-bacterial hand sanitiser to the hands (or skin or foot or underarm as directed) and rub until dry (or let dry).




Will Biotopica® products discolour or dirty my clothes?


No, it will not. Biotopica® anti-bacterial products are usually in liquid form that is invisible on application. Once applied and dried, it forms an anti-bacterial protective barrier on the skin and will not stain or discolour clothing or skin.




Will Biotopica® anti-bacterial hand sanitiser (and other products) be washed or rubbed off?


No, it will not. Biotopica® anti-bacterial hand sanitiser does not rub off and will remain active on the skin’s surface for up to 24 hours. Normal washing of the hands or skin and drying with a towel should not affect its efficacy.




Do I need to apply Biotopica® anti-bacterial hand sanitiser (or other products) more than once every 24-hours?


No, there is no need to apply frequently within the specified time. Biotopica® anti-bacterial hand sanitiser remains active on the skin until natural exfoliation occurs where this process usually takes 24-hours or so, depending on factors like perspiration. However, within high risk environments, it is fine to use Biotopica® more frequently than advised.




Will Biotopica® anti-bacterial hand sanitiser dry my skin or hands and cause chapped skin?


No, it will not. Unlike other similar products in the market which contain a very high level of alcohol that chap the hands and dry the skin, Biotopica® contains Australian tea tree oil and is mild, effective, moisturising and nourishing.




When Biotopica® anti-bacterial hand sanitiser (or other products) is applied to the hand (or skin) will the normal function of the skin be affected (such as becoming oily or sweaty)?


No, it will not. Biotopica® anti-bacterial hand sanitiser does not inhibit the normal function of the skin. The antimicrobial protective layer produced by the application of Biotopica® anti-bacterial hand sanitiser that bonds to the skin is permeable to gases and allows the skin to breathe normally.




How do Biotopica® anti-bacterial products work?


Biotopica® anti-bacterial products use an advanced technology that was polished and applied on specific surfaces by the Germans during WWII. It was further developed and employed by the Allied Powers, and NASA, prior to its release for commercial uses. It is applied by a mist, spray or foam. Once dried, it forms a layer of long-lasting microscopic spikes that attract, pierce and kill pathogens. In this way the pathogens cannot be reformed or mutated. This means no forming of resistance strains and no superbugs. Biotopica® is a highly effective and safe surface anti-bacterial sanitiser – unlike other conventional sanitisers that kill bacteria by poison or high alcohol content, where pathogens can return and multiply after minutes, and even mutate to superbugs.




Has Biotopica® products been tested?


Yes. Biotopica® has been tested in accredited labs around the world including Australia, Hong Kong and PRC China.





Is Biotopica® safe and non-toxic? Can it be used on children?


Biotopica® is safe and can be used on children, pets and plants. Simply follow the instructions on the labels.





What other products do Biotopica® carry?


Biotopica® carries a wide rage of anti-bacterial products including anti-bacterial surface sanitiser, anti-bacterial hand sanitiser, anti-bacterial sanitisers for foot and skin, and tailor-made sanitisers for ladies’ hygiene care, anti-bacterial deodorant, anti-bacterial nourishing soap, and anti-bacterial wet wipes.





Is there any soap or detergent in your product range?


Yes. Biotopica®’s nourishing soap is made from fresh goat milk and organic honey from Australia and New Zealand. Aside from Biotopica®’s anti-bacterial formulation, tea tree oil has been added and is a proven ingredient in fighting infections. Our soaps are made from goat milk and honey as standard ingredients; however, we offer varieties that include activated clay and charcoal for an even more wholesome cleansing experience.






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