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Biotopica® Australia Antimicrobial Sanitiser Has Been Proven Effective ( > 99.99% Kill Rate) Against Human CoronaVirus

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Test conducted by People’s Republic of China’s leading lab, Guangzhou Institute of Respiratory Disease Medicine Co. Ltd. which is under the Chinese Academy of Science (CAS), reported that Biotopica® Australia Antibacterial Sanitiser achieved an excellent kill rate of > 99.99% against human coronavirus.


The Chinese Academy of Science (CAS) is the number one research institute in PRC with one of the directors being the internationally renowned Chinese pulmonologist, Dr ZHONG Nanshan FRCPE FRCP FRCPI. CAS has a historical origins in the Academia Sinica during its early times. It is currently PRC’s national academy for natural sciences. Collectively known as the “Two Academies” along with the Chinese Academy of Engineering, CAS functions as the national scientific think tank and academic governing body, providing advisory and appraisal, social development, and science and technology progress. It has also created hundreds of commercial enterprises, Lenovo being one of the most famous.


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p03 2020 01


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