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Our story begins with an Australian badminton champion’s threat realization one sweaty hot sunny day… The threat causes by the vulnerability to pathogens and the apparent lack of reliable, effective and lasting defense face by athletes.

After years of researches and guinea pig experiences, the frightened champion found and identified a cutting-edge antimicrobial technology and formed BIOTOPICA GROUP PTY LTD with a group of like-minded entrepreneurs coming from different walks of live who felt that they were under similar threat.

Biotopica® is established in Perth, Australia with a view to spread the idea and method of killings germs by non-toxic “mechanical disruption” through the reasonably- priced, high- and long-efficacy Biotopica® anti-bacterial products, so as to promote a healthier life for mankind. Formulation of Biotopica® kills pathogens by mechanically breaking down, rather than by chemical poisoning. Biotopica products’ residual effect can outlast most of the antimicrobial and disinfectant brands currently on the market.


Biotopica® soon spread to Asia with distributors in Hong Kong and China. All the Biotopica® anti-bacterial products are manufactured in Australia.
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